Delivery Man's Britt Robertson Talks Working With Vince Vaughn And The Fantastical Tomorrowland

By Eric Eisenberg 2013-11-22 14:24:35discussion comments
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Working with Brad Bird - heís coming off of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol., and he has this great history in animation. Whatís been your experience working with him on set?

Itís been a really awesome experience. Iíve learned so much and, you know, Iíve been able, working with him, Iíve had to sort of treat this as a different project in itself, because I kind of have a different process than Iíve ever had before, because heís a guy that, all he needs you to do is show up to work prepared and he will manipulate you to be the person he wants you to be as long as you show up prepared, then he can tweak you and like, heíll literally be like, "Move your arm up, up more, up more. Now do this weird face. Now, scrunch your nose," and youíre just, in this bizarre situation and you look really ridiculous, but itís hilarious, then heíll be like, "Ok, now start the scene," and you just go for it, so itís a completely different process than Iíve had with any other project, but itís like being, Iím such a big kid, for the last three months Iíve just been playing nonstop.

How much longer is the production?

We finish at the end of January.

Oh, wow.

I know. Itís long. Itís good. Itíll be fun.

Itíll be worth it?


To talk a bit about Under the Dome also, have you heard anything yet about where the second season is going?

No, hopefully Iím going to have dinner with a couple of my cast mates this week so I can get the scoop hopefully, because I havenít heard anything. Iíve been sort of MIA, but hopefully it will be cool and I mean itís some great people still attached to it and I think it will be the same but more and better.

What kind of things are you hoping to see happen?

I kind of want my character, I think it would be cool...

I mean, now that youíre out of the bunkerÖ

[Laughs] Yeah, now that I have some freedom, thank God. I kind of want her to like go on a mission to fight back Big Jim and take him down, you know. I kind of want to like, I donít know, like get a rebellion against him. I want him gone.

And your character in the book...

Sheís dead.

She dies early. So is there a freedom in that or is there a degree to which you wish you had a look into her future?

I mean thereís a part of me that kind of wishes I at least had, because coming to the pilot, I was like, I mean I donít know anything about this girl. In the book, they sort of reference the fact that she was a little more salacious, kind of, she got around, but that was really the only thing I had to connect to and the show itís a lot different. I mean, I have a brother in the show and so itís different, but itís better that I didnít have a guideline to go off of and yeah, just kind of made it more interesting and fun and I can do whatever I want to do.
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