Denis Leary Flies High On Spider-Man Set As George Stacy

By Will LeBlanc 2011-01-14 16:39:06discussion comments
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Denis Leary Flies High On Spider-Man Set As George Stacy image
Although it will be hard to top the official image of Andrew Garfield in his flashy new Spidey suit (completely with artificial web shooters if you look close enough) released earlier this week, the Internet is still feeding us more photos from the set. Today, its of the great Denis Leary trading in his firefighter garb for fancy police gear.

Leary will be playing Captain George Stacy, father of Spidey's love interest Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). While I think Stanley Tucci in Easy A was about as fitting a father for Emma Stone as we can get, Denis Leary is not far behind. Shes an up and coming comedy princess, and he is among the living kings of the genre.

Director Marc Webb still has a long way to go to prove the reobot's merit, and legions of Sam Raimi fans are already making it an uphill battle, but for now he seems on the right track. Scope out some of the pics below and the rest over at the Daily Blam.

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