Denzel Washington And Will Smith Teaming Up For Uptown?

By Josh Tyler 2010-01-05 01:41:53discussion comments
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Denzel Washington And Will Smith Teaming Up For Uptown? image
Bill Cosby once starred in a movie opposite Sidney Poitier. Unfortunately, Iíll only ever remember riding that ridiculous Ostrich in Leonard Part VI. But back in 1974 he was in Uptown Saturday Night with Poitier, a movie thatís about to be remade.

The movie in question starred Cosby and Poitier as two men who sneak out to an illegal nightclub, have a winning lottery ticket stolen, and must recover it. Way back in 2002 Will Smithís production company picked up the rights to it, intending to turn it into an all-black Oceanís 11. Was there an all-white Oceanís Eleven? I must have missed it.

2002 is a long time to wait but Pajiba now says thereís some movement on the project and the script is being rewritten by the guy who wrote Cop Out (note: not Kevin Smith) and theyíve attached Denzel Washington to the project. Presumably Will Smith would be involved as well, putting their massive, combined star power in a single film.

For now itís all rumor, but who wouldnít want to see what happens when Smith and Washington pull off a heist together on screen? Forget the script, with starp ower like that you donít need anything else.
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