Director Todd Phillips And Writer Craig Mazin Talk Alan's Journey In The Hangover Part III

By Eric Eisenberg 2013-05-23 16:58:23discussion comments
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What was the last scene that you shot, the last scene with all of the guys and what was the mood on the set, knowing this was it really?

Todd Phillips: Well, the last scene we shot was the last scene of the movie actually. So we just appropriately left that for the end and it just was... Its kind of bittersweet, you know, because its great, you feel good because you finished this thing. We finished a trilogy which I think is going to be a around for a long time and be those movies that like I grew up on and people talk about and then its of course, sad because weve spent five years together. Weve traveled around the world together. Weve just become really, really close, but the truth is we see each other all of the time, so its not really...

One thing I really liked about this film was its attention to smaller details, and callbacks to the first two films. You have the guy who is throwing the tuxedo from the van in the first one is Carlos the same kid?

Yeah, he is.

Im curious about implementing those details, not to mention familiar artists on the soundtrack. How do you determine the details that you want to carry throughout the franchise?

Todd Phillips: Theres a lot of things like that in the movies that people notice and some people dont and its still cool. I just find it really fun when I see movies and I notice things. So, thats a pretty astute one, seeing Neeco the tuxedo guy - which is so random, because the truth is Alan does have one friend in The Hangover, and its that guy who dropped him the tuxedo. So, of course hes going to be at the intervention.

And that is the same kid from the first one?

That is the same kid.


Todd Phillips: Its the baby from the poster. Obviously we had multiple kids when we filmed The Hangover I, but the main kid who is the one from the poster is this kid Grant. So we just called up his mom and dad and were like, Hey, so were doing another one... So, she and Grant came to my office. We just wanted to make sure the kids was like... hes not an actor, obviously. Hes four and a half, but can he hang? Is he going to cry? But we were hoping, because she sent me a picture and he had those cheeks still.

Beautiful eyes.

Todd Phillips: Beautiful eyes. I mean hes such a cute kid.
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