Dirty Dancing Remake Will Make Dancing Dirty Again

By Tim Gomez 2009-08-19 01:54:42discussion comments
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Dirty Dancing Remake Will Make Dancing Dirty Again image
Some movies are sacred. Dirty Dancing isnt one of them. While Ill be the first to admit that it was a big part of my childhood (thanks, mom), Id never put in a glass case with a sign that reads DO NOT TOUCH. But just like its star Patrick Swayze, some things were way cooler in the 80s. Even so, as tweeted by Production Weekly, Lionsgate is planning a remake of the movie with a script by Uptown Girls scribe Julia Dahl (remember Britany Murphy?).

The original film starred the aforementioned Swayze as a dance teacher who becomes romantically entangled with a student named "Baby", played by Jennifer Grey, at a summer camp. He then absolutely does not put her in a corner. I'm told nobody does. There was an attempt at a reboot/sequel back in 2004 called Dirty Dancing Havanna Nights, but no one noticed. So they're going straight to the remake this time.

Everything about Dirty Dancing fit perfectly into the 80s: bad hair, cheesy songs, a lake scene with a shirtless dude holding a girl out of the water. Transferring all of that to a modern, internet-obsessed world just seems ridiculous. Baby and Johnny wouldnt work in the 21st century. First off, that dancing they did isn't all that dirty anymore. Secondly, theyd both be bloggers, writing about dancing rather than doing it. Script note, Julia?
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