Discuss The Expendables And Rate It

By Josh Tyler 2010-08-13 00:31:30discussion comments
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Itís after midnight and that means Stallone, Statham, and Li are shooting up theaters around the country and helping men grow thicker, more lustrous mustaches by proxy. Depending on your point of view itís either the must-see Man movie of the decade or an affront to movie lovers of good taste. But youíve heard enough talk from us, now itís your turn.

We want to know what you think of The Expendables. After you see it, come here and rate the movie in our Expendables viewer poll. Then discuss it with spoilers below or spoiler-free in the comments on our Expendables review. Make yourself heard.

What did you think of The Expendables?


Warning: The comments below are intended for those who have already seen The Expendables and wish to discuss SPOILERS. If you havenít seen the movie, check out our spoiler-free review.
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