Discuss The Social Network With Spoilers And Rate It

By Josh Tyler 2010-10-02 00:42:02discussion comments
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Discuss The Social Network With Spoilers And Rate It image
Youíve heard it called the best movie of the year. Katey called it a movie which defines a generation. Weíve already started lobbying to award the cast Oscars. By now youíre sick of hearing us talk about how good The Social Network is. Now itís your turn.

The Social Network is in theaters across the United States and we want to know what you think of David Fincherís Facebook movie. After you see it this weekend, click in here and rate the movie in our Social Network viewer poll. Then discuss it with spoilers (after all this is for people whoíve seen the movie!) below or spoiler-free in the comments on our reviews. Be heard!

How would you rate The Social Network?


Warning: The comments below are intended for those who have already seen The Social Network and wish to discuss SPOILERS. If you havenít seen the movie, check out our spoiler-free Social Network review.
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