Disney Planning A TRON: Uprising

By Josh Tyler 2010-09-27 18:43:20discussion comments
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Itís no secret that Disney would love for TRON: Legacy to turn into a whole new, movie franchise for them. Whether or not that happens will probably depend on how it does at the box office, but in the meantime, Disneyís already planning more.

They recently registered the domain name TRONUprising.com which, might sound like a good name for a sequel to Legacy. And maybe thatís what it is, weíre not entirely sure, though Stitch Kingdom seems to believe that TRON: Uprising could be the name of an animated micro-series to debut on Disney XD. Hereís how they describe what the animated series will be about:

TRON: Uprisingí (as we assume) will be a 10-part Ďmicroseriesí in which a young program named Beck stands up against an evil regime headed by Clu who obtains his status after the defeat of TRON, the security watchdog program.

Disney is indeed planning just such an animated, microseries but right now thereís no way to know for sure that TRON: Uprising is what itíll be called. The name could mean anything or be used for just about anything. What we know of TRON: Legacy seems to suggest that the film will tell the story of the beginning of a revolt, and Uprising sounds like the natural name for a movie sequel if thatís true, but it also works for an animated series which could bridge the gap between the original Tron and the new Legacy. What do you think?
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