Disney Will Close Zemeckis's Studio

By Doug Norrie 2010-03-12 18:08:58discussion comments
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Disney Will Close Zemeckis's Studio image
Today, Robert Zemeckis’s ImageMovers Digital studio got dropped into its own Uncanny Valley. According to The L.A. Times Disney announced it would shut down the motion-capture studio and lay off close to 450 workers. Maybe this is all part of Disney’s “Let’s just stop bankrolling and producing super creepy-looking movies” campaign.

ImageMovers is most known for such digital productions as A Christmas Carol, The Polar Express, and Beowulf. Not surprisingly, two out of these three movie are the prime examples of the Uncanny Valley phenomenon. ImageMovers Digital has one more production, Mars Needs Moms, in the pipeline, and Disney will adhere to its 2011 release date. Additionally, Zemeckis is creating a 3-D version of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, which is great news because the original wasn’t weird enough. Disney has said they will keep a production deal alive with Zemeckis, but his studio and its employees are kaput.
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