District 9 Sequel May Be Headed To District 10 This October

By Josh Tyler 2010-04-23 16:15:41discussion comments
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District 9 Sequel May Be Headed To District 10 This October image
It looks like District 10 may be a go. The sequel to District 9 has been talked about since the original movie was a smash it last year and now MarketSawís contacts at WETA say that not only is it happening, itís already in pre-production. Word is that they plan to start shooting in October of this year.

There had been some question as to whether director Neill Blomkamp would make a District 9 sequel his next project, unsurprisingly in the wake of the filmís Oscar nomination he has a lot of options. But MS says Neill is back in the directorís chair along with Peter Jackson in a produce role again. Itís all rumor for now though, weíll let you know when thereís some official confirmation.

As for what itíll be about if it actually happens, right now no oneís entirely certain. The last movie laid out several possible roadmaps which we discussed here. For now, no one even really knows what itíll be called. District 10 is just a convenient moniker until Blomkamp gives us something real.
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