Does Ivan Reitman Want Ashton Kutcher For Ghostbusters 3?

By Josh Tyler 2011-02-21 13:38:52discussion comments
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Does Ivan Reitman Want Ashton Kutcher For Ghostbusters 3? image
The quest to get Bill Murray to agree to make Ghostbusters 3 continues. After all, the movie wonít happen without him. The latest from director Ivan Reitman is that Bill has seen their current script, or the cover at least. Thatís just one of the tidbits he dropped about the project in an interview with Digital Spy. But we all knew Bill has seen other versions of the script (and trashed them). Whatís more surprising is who Ivan Reitman is considering casting in the film with him.

The movie is supposed to be about the original Ghostbusters teaming up with a new generation of slime-fighters, and that means finding young Hollywood talent to fill out those roles. Young Hollywood talent likeÖ Ashton Kutcher? Ivan Reitman seems to think thatís a good idea. He directed Kutcher recently on the film No Strings Attached and when asked, with Ashton sitting beside him, if Kutcher could make his way into the movie Retiman says itís, ďabsolutely possible.Ē

The devilís in the details though. That could be just one of those throw-away statements to indicate that anythingís possible and it might not mean itís something heís given serious thought. Except, well, when he said it Ashton Kutcher was sitting next to him and if you read the body language between the two of them, it almost seems like thereís something there. This is of course, all just wild speculation about unknowable intentions, but, here, watch the interview for yourself:

Now that youíve watched it, what do you think? Is there anything to this or was Reitman just being polite?
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