Dolph Lundgren Wants To Direct A Swedish Period Piece

By Alaina O'Connor 2010-08-17 10:51:34discussion comments
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Dolph Lundgren Wants To Direct A Swedish Period Piece image
Suddenly everybody loves Dolph Lundgren again and itís totally understandable. Heís been pretty much non-existent in the Hollywood realm for the last ten years or so as heís done mostly indie flicks, but now the action star has hit it big again with the slightly over-the-hill, action-star packed film The Expendables. The movie raked in $35 million in its opening weekend, took the number one spot at the box office, and now Lundgren is relevant again.

So whatís next for this Master of the Universe? Well, aside from writing a fitness book for a Swedish publisher, Lundgren is working on a couple of scripts. Thereís one that heís just finished writing titled, Skin Trade, about human trafficking, and the otherÖ a period piece? In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Lundgren states, ďIím trying to do something in Sweden, about Sweden or set in Sweden. I kind of think I belong in the past Ė onscreen, that is. I havenít done a period piece, and I think it will be fun.Ē If he gets the money he needs, ďHopefully, Iíll try to get a more famous actor as the lead, and Iíd direct it and play the co-lead.Ē

Iím all for actors trying their hand at directing. Sometimes it turns out great Ė think, the Leonard Nimoy directed Star Trek III - and sometimes not so much Ė William Shatnerís Star Trek V. This thing can go either way, but if Stallone can do it, why not Ivan Drago?
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