Donnie Darko Director Richard Kelly's Next Movie Will Be Corpus Christi

By Josh Tyler 2011-02-16 20:04:25discussion comments
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Donnie Darko Director Richard Kelly's Next Movie Will Be Corpus Christi image
I know it may not seem like it if youíve read anything Iíve written about any of his movies in the past few years, but I root for Richard Kelly. Iím not sure he has any idea what heís doing when it comes to filmmaking mind you, but I root for him. Donnie Darko is a brilliant movie, but everything heís done since then, including the directorís cut of that same film, makes it seem more and more like Darko was a happy accident which even he doesnít really understand . But man, Iíd like to be wrong about that.

So Iíll probably always give him a chance. Hereís the next movie Iíll be giving him a chance on: Corpus Christi. The movie is titled after the same-named, Texas coastal town and itís described as a more ďtraditional narrativeĒ by Variety. What they mean by that is that Kellyís movies are often really freaking weird and this one probably wonít be. I love oddity but it hasnít really been working for Kelly lately, maybe something more grounded will be just the thing to get him on track?

This traditional narrative will be about a mentally unstable Iraq war veteran named Patience, and the strong relationship he forges with his wealthy, politically ambitious, supermarket chain owning boss. Why that kind of movie needs to be set in Corpus is anyoneís guess, but any time anyone sets a movie somewhere besides Los Angeles, New York, or New Orleans Iíd consider that a win.

Corpus is a strange Texas city which, whenever we visited it for a beach vacation as a kid, always seemed more fun in theory than it is in practice. Part of the problem is perhaps that, unlike beaches everywhere else, the Texas coast is kind of dreary. If they actually shoot the movie there, itíll be pretty dreary too. If it looks like an episode of Rick Springfieldís High Tide though, then youíll know they didnít actually shoot it in Corpus.
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