Drag Me To Hell Clips And Behind The Scenes Video

By Josh Tyler 2009-05-19 01:48:32discussion comments
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Drag Me To Hell Clips And Behind The Scenes Video image
I saw Drag Me To Hell a few months ago, in Austinís awesome, bat infested Paramount theater. I canít wait to see it again. Itís a kickass good time, even for someone like me, whoís not exactly a big fan of the horror genre. But this is Raimi, he transcends the slasher crap weíve all grown so used to do, well, his own thing. Youíre going to love it.

To get things primed, below we have five clips from the movie and a long piece of behind the scenes footage showing Sam Raimi working his directing magic on the Drag Me To Hell set. Watch all six videos and make sure youíre there, ticket in hand, on May 29th.

CLIP: Mrs Ganush Talks To Christine
CLIP: Christine Asleep
CLIP: Christine Grabs A Flashlight
CLIP: Christine Calls Clay
CLIP: Christine And Clay With Rham
Behind The Scenes

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