We hope you’re excited about Sam Raimi’s return to horror as we are. Right now audiences on the east coast are already in their seats drinking in the first, midnight showings of Drag Me to Hell while audiences on the west coast start lining up for what just about everyone is calling one of the best horror movies of the new millennium. Whether you’re a gore hound or a Spider-Man fan newly converted to the way of Raimi, if you have any sense you’ll drag yourself to a theater this weekend for a taste of Hell.

You’ve read my SXSW review, you’ve read Katey’s review, and you’ve sat her impatiently waiting for your turn while we talked about it endlessly. Well now it’s your turn. Tell the world what you think of Sam Raimi’s new horror masterpiece. Did it scare your pants off ? Leave you rolling in the aisle? Or did you walk out overhyped and disappointed? We want to know! After you see it, come back there and share your opinion by talking back to us on Twitter and most importantly by casting your vote in the official CB Poll below:

What did you think of Drag Me To Hell?
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