Drag Me To Hell TV Spot: CB Approved

By Josh Tyler 2009-05-25 01:48:51discussion comments
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Drag Me To Hell has a new TV spot, and itís the best one yet. Ok maybe itís not the best one yet, at least not unless youíre me and you like seeing your name on television.

Yep, the latest advert for Sam Raimiís horror movie is a review quote spot, and this oneí s loaded with quotes from notables including one from some website named ďCINEMABLENDĒ which, judging from their pageís logo, is either about making margaritas or perhaps drinking them excessively.

Hey come on, itís not like Iím posting pictures of me with my arm around an uncomfortable celebrity looking for some means of escape. Hereís the trailer. It would seem I think Drag Me To Hell is ďAwesomeĒ. Watch the new spot below, and read that exciting word in context via my original Drag Me To Hell review right here.

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