Duncan Jones Plans Mute As A Graphic Novel Before It's A Movie

By Will LeBlanc 2011-03-11 08:44:26discussion comments
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Duncan Jones Plans Mute As A Graphic Novel Before It's A Movie image
With the release of Source Code only a couple weeks away, well soon know whether or not director Duncan Jones is a director we should look out for, or if hes simply a one hit wonder. My prediction is hes going to stick around for a while, but some financiers dont share my confidence, even after his stellar debut, Moon.

Gordon and the Whale got a chance to chat with the director about what he was hoping would be his next project, Mute. Jones says that hes sure the story works, implying that its probably deep and complicated to a much greater extent than Moon, but that people are being shy about putting money behind the project. His solution? Release the story as a graphic novel and possibly return to it later after hes proven his story and himself.

Jones told them that while the idea for the graphic novel was announced in the middle of January, theyve made the official decision to take that route with it. No publisher has been chosen, but that is the stage in the process at which theyre current at.

The director did mention though that some elements from Mute will carry over into his next project that he describes as a Blade Runner-inspired city sci-fi film. The rights to the original Blade Runner franchise were just bought last week by Alcon Entertainment in hopes of pushing through a reboot, so hopefully Jones can get to work on his film soon so he can beat them to market.

If you havent seen Moon, do it. Its one of the best sci-fi films that has come out in a long time and it will definitely put Duncan Jones on your radar, where he should be. More on Mute and his next project as the stories unfold.
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