Early Draft Of Twilight Eclipse Script Leaked Online

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-01-06 22:05:39discussion comments
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Early Draft Of Twilight Eclipse Script Leaked Online image
Guess what? The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will feature glittery vampires, buff werewolves and steamy moments between Edward and Bella. No, I didnít read the leaked script! Eclipse is based on Stephanie Meyerís book, remember?

The script for the third installmentís premature debut on the Internet likely wonít put a dent in the filmís expected massive intake at the box office, but it might put a dent in Jackson Rathboneís integrity. According to Deadline Hollywood, Rathebone, who plays the Cullen still struggling to kick his human blood habit, didnít take very good care of his script because itís available for all to download in the form of a PDF file. How do we know itís Ratheboneís? His name is watermarked all over it.

Either Rathebone is extremely irresponsible or this is a major publicity stunt. Arenít stars of a highly anticipated film supposed to guard the script, even if it is just an early draft, with their lives? New Moon buzz picked up when the second filmís script was found in a trashcan outside of the St. Louis hotel Anna Kendrick was staying at while shooting Up in the Air; why not have it happen again? New Moon still went on to make over $600 million worldwide and Eclipse is likely to follow in its footsteps.
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