Emily Browning And Juno Temple Join Michael Cera In Magic, Magic

By Katey Rich 2011-05-16 12:46:50discussion comments
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Emily Browning And Juno Temple Join Michael Cera In Magic, Magic image
It's still not entirely clear how Michael Cera will fit into the film Magic, Magic, an independent thriller with the plotline, "revolves around a girl vacationing with her friends in a remote area of Chile who slowly starts losing her mental faculties." But all the same, the rest of the cast has joined him to help make sense of it; according to Variety Juno Temple, Emily Browning and Catalino Sandino Moreno have all signed on the film, which shoots in Chile later this summer. The director is Sesbastian Silva, who has made two critically acclaimed Chilean films The Maid and Old Cats and now seems to be making his move toward Hollywood, though on a very stripped-down indie scale.

Moreno is the sole Oscar nominee in the bunch, thanks her breakout film Maria Full of Grace, but it's Browning and Temple who have the real career firepower right now-- Temple will play a very vague role in The Dark Knight Rises as "a street smart Gotham girl," while Browning was a bright spot in the other execrable Sucker Punch and saw her new art film Sleeping Beauty premiere at Cannes. Though Magic, Magic sounds a little too much like the classic "Americans in trouble abroad" horror movie setup, I'd count on something a lot more interesting from Silva. With production starting this summer, it seems likely we'll get a look at this one sometime next year.
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