Enough, Wolverine! Here Are 5 Other X-Men Who Deserve Standalone Films

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4. Angel
Are you sensing a trend to this piece? Without really planning ahead, I seem to be circling excellent X-Men characters who were introduced into the Cinematic Universe, but in a poor fashion.

To that list, add Warren Worthington III, son of an industrious billionaire who Ė like many mutants Ė is ashamed of his gift and wrestles with the societal issues caused by his hard-to-disguise physical attribute: His massive angel wings. Ben Foster tapped briefly into Angelís crisis in Brett Ratnerís The Last Stand, but it was a throwaway moment that didnít do the character justice. The ability to explore this complicated hero Ė and amaze audiences with thrilling aerial sequences Ė means thereís an Angel movie worth advancing, if a studio believes in him as a character. Bonus: Angel eventually succumbs to a dark side and becomes Archangel, which could signify a brooding arc for an Angel trilogy, if planned out properly.

5. Juggernaut
I almost went with Nightcrawler. But for the "Last but not least" slot, Iím plugging in my all-time favorite X-Foe -- the unstoppable force who is Cain Marko, aka The Juggernaut. And no, not Vinnie Jonesí "Iím the Juggernaut, bitch!" That might be the X-Menís film-franchise nadir.

Marvel writers always had so much fun with Juggernaut because whatever powers the X-Men possessed with virtually useless against Marko. His helmet blocked out Charles Xavierís psychic abilities, while his invincibility (powered by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak) made him a near-impossible antagonist to bring down. A Juggernaut Origins story would rock, touching on the troubles he experienced with young Xavier Ė his step-brother Ė and following through his creation through the Gem.

Or, even better, adapt the two-issue arc "Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut," where Spider-Man must prevent the evil villain from decimating downtown New York. Make it the basis for Spider-Man 4. Let Andrew Garfield duke it out with an unstoppable foe Ö and maybe let an X-Man or two cameo for a team up. Itís a bold new world out here for studios making superhero movies. Letís think outside the box.

Which of the X-Men deserves the next standalone movie?


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