Entourage: The Movie Isn't Just A Male Fantasy

By Josh Tyler 2009-12-04 00:47:44discussion comments
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Entourage: The Movie Isn't Just A Male Fantasy image
This might have been a good idea, say, around season 2. But if youíve watched Entourage lately then youíre well aware that the show is getting very long in the tooth. Whatever real significance it had is long gone. All thatís left is to tune every week and watch Ari swear while you wait for the newest naked model or random celebrity cameo. Iím not saying Iíve stopped watching, Iím just honest about why I still bother. But past its prime or not, THR says an Entourage movie could be in the works.

Series executive producer Mark Wahlberg says he thinks the show has two more seasons left in it and ďthen, a movie.Ē This isnít just some Marky Mark pipe dream either. HBO confirmed that itís a possibility. Presumably it all depends on whether the show hangs on to its audience as the writers continue to run out of ideas. For now weíre all still watching. Maybe they need more Bob Saget.

The idea is probably to create some sort of male take on Sex and the City since theyíve had so much success with turning that into a movie. Thatís really what Entourage is, isnít it? Only instead of rich women getting drunk and shopping for shoes itís rich men getting drunk and shopping for boobs.
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