Eva Green As Wonder Woman?

By Josh Tyler 2007-02-22 02:16:54discussion comments
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Earlier this month the news broke that Joss Whedon was off Wonder Woman, and that Warner Brothers had bought up someone elseís script and planned to move on to making the movie without him. Now that the big, lumbering, Whedon roadblock is out of the way, maybe this movie can finally get made.

Hey, I like Whedonís work but the guy has had the Wonder Woman ball in his course for whatÖ two years? He had plenty of time to do something with it, and didnít. Maybe thatís why Warners gave him the boot.

With Whedon out of the way, itís time to restart the Wonder Woman casting rumor machine. Iím afraid weíll have to be the first to start it. Donít curl up in a ball just yet, because the name that just floated across my desk for the part is, in my humble opinion, the best choice yet.

Tonight a scooper, whoís given us good information before, emailed me to let me know that Casino Royale star Eva Green may be up for the part of the Amazonian superhero. Now hold on, donít run around screaming that she has it. Right now theyíre considering several different people. Even if this rumor is true, Eva is just one of the names on their shopping list.

The good news is that maybe someone will actually get the part this time. The WB seems hot to get this movie made, expect things to move a little more quickly now that the Whedon speedbump is gone.

As for Eva Green, I canít imagine anyone more perfect. She has the look, she has the physique, and more importantly she can really act. Donít judge her simply by the disposable Bond babe thing in Casino Royale. Check out The Dreamers for a more full frontal look at her body of work.
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