Everwood's Ephram Gets Three Film Gigs

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-03-16 21:52:49discussion comments
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Everwood's Ephram Gets Three Film Gigs image
Have you been wondering what happened to Everwood star Gregory Smith? Wonder no more because according to THR, Smith signed on for not one, but three films. He joined the cast of Dream House, Whirligig and Conception.

First up will be the psychological thriller Dream House. It stars Daniel Craig as a man who relocates his family. Even though Naomi Watts is his new neighbor, his dream house has a serious dark side. Itís actually a crime scene at which a mother and her two children were murdered. Smith will travel to the filmís Toronto set to portray a punk rocker infatuated with the incident.

Next up will be Chaz Thorneís Whirligig in Halifax, Canada. There Smith will play a young guy suffering through a rough patch and forced to move back in with his parents. He finds solace in a married neighbor, but when he gets close to her adopted 12-year-old Vietnamese son, family secrets begin to surface.

Rounding out the list is Conception. Josh Stolberg penned the script and will direct nine couples dealing with issues including sex, love and pregnancy. Smithís segment will depict him as a guy who gets involved with a divorced mother played by Julie Bowen.

Either THRís timeline is off or Smith has one heck of a busy schedule. Dream House is shooting now, Conception is set to shoot this month and Whirligig is supposed to come at some point in between. However he manages to pull it off, all three seem to have potential. Plus, Smith was fantastic in Everwood. The guy hasnít really done anything mainstream or notable since, so itís great to hear heís getting back into the limelight.
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