Every Single Character In Clue Ordered By Greatness

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#13) Mrs. Ho
Pros: Solid Gong Skills, Good Knowledge Of Foreign Cuisine

Cons: Humorless, Boring

How She Fits Into The Plot: Back in the day, Mrs. Ho was Mrs. Peacockís cook. She served the character and her Senator husband a delicious diet of strange dishes, all the while spying on them with an eye toward making a little cash. Eventually, she turned over some secrets related to Mrs. Pís corruption to Mr. Boddy and a blackmail conspiracy was born. She gets murdered in the film either by Mrs. Peacock or Yvette, depending on the ending in question.

Quality Of Character: I appreciate that sheís able to get dinner done exactly on time and that she doesnít fuck around when it comes to slamming the gong as aggressively as possible, but on the whole, thereís really not a whole lot here. The number of lines she has can be easily counted on the hands, though her larger-than-expected size does contribute a few cheap laughs well after her death when the women struggle to lift her corpse onto the couch.
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