Every Single Character In Clue Ordered By Greatness

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#12) Mr. Boddy
Pros: Average Schemer, Carts Around An Expensive Suitcase Filled With Weapons, Above Average Present Wrapper

Cons: Dick-ish Personality, Is Either A Blackmailer Or A Dumb Pawn, Might Be Afraid Of Dogs, Gives Off A Creepy Rape Vibe

How He Fits Into The Plot: Depending on which ending you choose to believe, Mr. Boddy is either the person who has been blackmailing all of the main characters or heís Wadsworthís butler. Either way, heís a zealous supporter of Joseph McCarthy and is an antagonist of the main characters. He presents each with a lethal weapon during the first act and asks one of them to use said weapon to take out Wadsworth. Obviously, his plan backfires and heís shot. He doesnít die, but about ten minutes later, heís bashed over the head with a candlestick.

Quality Of Character: Apart from his general Iím-A-Dick demeanor and a shit eating grin, Mr. Boddy really doesnít have a whole lot going on personality wise. I definitely appreciate that he took the time to wrap up the weapons he brought and even attach bows, but as a villain, he really could stand to be crazier. Heís on screen for fifteen total minutes or so, and heís really not missed very much after heís gone. You should always miss a good villain.
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