Exclusive New Green Hornet Images

By Josh Tyler 2010-12-22 14:50:26discussion comments
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Exclusive New Green Hornet Images image
We have an exclusive look at four new images from Seth Rogenís new superhero movie The Green Hornet. Based on the classic superhero character, the Michel Gondry directed film puts Rogen behind the mask of Britt Reid, spoiled son of a muckraking newspaper publisher. When his father dies Britt takes over the newspaper empire, but then decides to take things a step further by teaming up with his fatherís assistant Kato (Jay Chou) to become a masked crimefighter, posing as a criminal.

For a closer look at the new Green Hornet images below, simply give them a click to see the high-res version.

The Green Hornet arrives in theaters January 14th. For more information, images and video visit out dedicated Green Hornet page in the Blend Film Database.
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