Fake, Meth-Busting Officer In Missouri To Get Film Treatment

By Eric Eisenberg 2010-04-16 09:49:37discussion comments
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Fake, Meth-Busting Officer In Missouri To Get Film Treatment image
Back in 2008, a man named Bill Anthony Jakob walked into a small Missouri town and flashed a badge. He quickly began an incredible crackdown on local meth labs, participated in raids and arrested civilians. A simple Google search by a journalist then outed him as a fraud and he was tried for 13 counts of impersonating a federal officer. This is what Hollywood gold is made of.

Curtis Hanson is now in talks to direct a film based on Jakob's story, to be written by Clark Gregg, according to Deadline. In reality Jakob was a bank security guard who simply told anyone that questioned his authority that the Patriot Act defended his actions. The original plan for the script was to make it a comedy (it is a fairly funny situation), but the tide turned when all of the criminals Jakob had put away were released and henceforth protected by double jeopardy.

Hanson has always been a great director, but has been running a bit slower since his 2002 hit 8 Mile. Since then, he has only directed two features, the first being the forgettable Toni Collette-Cameron Diaz film In Her Shoes, and then the Eric Bana-Drew Barrymore film Lucky You, which is better known as the sacrificial lamb that got put up against Spider-Man 3. Gregg, for those that haven't seen the highly underrated Choke, has a great amount of potential as a writer, though most still know him as Agent Phil Coulson from Iron Man. If done as a dark comedy that embraces both halves of the story, this could be a great opportunity for everyone involved.
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