Fan Art Shows Jon Hamm As Superman

By Eric Eisenberg 2010-10-22 15:04:05discussion comments
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Fan Art Shows Jon Hamm As Superman image
When rumors popped up in September that Jon Hamm was being considered for the lead role in the next Superman film, I was right on board. Needless to say, my excitement about the idea was brought to an even higher level when Armie Hammer revealed earlier this week that the next Man of Steel will be middle aged. Apparently I wasn't the only one, because someone has decided to make a mock-up of what Don Draper might look like dressed in red and blue.

One of Slash Film's readers sent them a Photoshopped image of what appears to be Hamm's head on the body of Dean Cain from the old Lois and Clark series that was on TV. Sadly, it doesn't look great. His head appears to be too small for his neck and the hair looks kind of stupid (not to mention it's not a great version of the suit). Here's hoping that this doesn't turn anyone off the idea of having Hamm as Superman, because if the character truly is middle aged, I'm not sure there's a better candidate.

Check out the picture below and head over to Slash Film to see it full-size.

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