Fantastic Mr. Fox Featurette: Still Not Buying It Wes

By Tim Gomez 2009-10-06 00:04:03discussion comments
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Fantastic Mr. Fox Featurette: Still Not Buying It Wes image
Wes Anderson was better off not sharing any advertising material for The Fantastic Mr. Fox at all. I bet he could have pulled off releasing one or two images, we would have all glanced in awe at the beauty of the characters standing still, and then probably would’ve seen the movie. But now we’ve seen footage, and it looks bad. Especially when Where the Wild Things Are looks so good.

Even worse, some have claimed that he didn’t really even direct the movie. We wrote a little bit about this last month, and now a new featurette seems to confirm it. You can check out the video below and watch as whoever edited the piece struggles to make it look as though Wes Anderson was on set a lot, even though it looks like all of the footage of him is taken from the same day. I need to find out how to get me one of those jobs.

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