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Adam Wingardís The Guest Drops a Trailer by Your House Uninvited
The fairly prolific genre director Adam Wingard gained arguably his widest acclaim with last yearís long-delayed reverse-slasher Youíre Next; but his next flick, the twisty home non-invasion thriller The Guest, crushed even harder when it hit Sundance and South by Southwest earlier this year. (At least, as much as a Wingard film can crush, which is pretty fucking hard.) Picturehouse just released the first trailer for The Guest, scripted by Wingard cohort Simon Barrett, and itís a wonderfully spoiler-free look into the story without overplaying anything.

Dan Stevens plays David, a soldier who shows up outside the front door of the Peterson household with a story about having been with their son when he died in the line of duty. This is all well and good until people start dying, and it looks like David is to blame. But is he? I have no idea. The trailer, while it looks spicy enough to make the movie look enticing, doesnít really do anything too different in terms of tone or execution. It looks like David is one murder-loving S.O.B. But he probably isnít. Or is he? Also starring Lance Reddick, Maika Monroe, Brendan Meyers, Leland Orser and Sheila Kelley, The Guest will hit theaters and VOD later this year. Just be careful about who you invite to watch it with you.
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