The Fear Monger: M. Night Syamalan's Micro Horror, Turkish Boogeymen And Zombeavers' Oscar Campaign

By Nick Venable 1 year agodiscussion comments
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zombeavers oscar
Zombeavers Wants to Take Over the Oscars
I already canít wait to see Jordan Rubinís upcoming horror comedy Zombeavers, since it actually looks pretty solid. But now theyíve upped the marketing ante with a trio of "For Your Consideration" posters that parody some of the Best Picture nominees, complete with zinger blurbs, from such people as "Nobody of Note" and the directorís mom. Really, I was sold just on the hook and trailer, but now itís really starting to go places. I canít wait to see if they try to stage a projection of the film on the Hoover Dam or something.

So youíve seen the Gravity spoof above. Now get a load of this guyís mustache in a Her knock-off, followed by American Hustle. We donít know when BenderSpink and Armory Films will be putting this one out, but weíre dam sure going to let you guys know. Itís impossible not to take the easy pun, by the way. I know it sucks.

zombeavers oscar

zombeavers oscar

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