The Fear Monger: A PG-13 At The Mountains Of Madness And A South Korean Family Castration

By Nick Venable 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Moebius Trailer Will Make You Cherish Your Family Situation
South Korean filmmaker Kim Ki-Duk has built a career out of ignoring expectations and normalcy, from the meditative bliss of 2003ís Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterÖand Spring to the Venice Film Festival favorite Pieta, and over a dozen movies otherwise. His latest effort, the dark drama Moebius, is about as far away from "family friendly" as you can get - though the U.S. trailer above (via BloodyDisgusting) doesnít quite get to the black heart of the matter. Check out the poster below and then weíll get into what this movie is about.


A wife and mother (Lee Eun-Woo) is highly upset after finding out about her husbandís (Cho Jae-Hyun) extramarital affairs, but her revenge of castration takes an awkward turn when she cuts her sonís (Seo Young-Joo) genitals off instead. And as the official synopsis puts it, this sets off "a series of grotesque yet provocative events ranging from a hurried genital transplant to pain-inflicted orgasms that all merge in a continuous threat of delirious storytelling." (So Iím forgiven for masturbating with a meat grinder while watching this?) This wacky tale of blood and lust will get a limited theatrical release throughout August and can be seen on VOD everywhere starting August 29. Invite your parents. Make it a party.
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