The Fear Monger: The Poughkeepsie Tapes Hits VOD And Ron Jeremy Hits The Jersey Shore

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Tusk Debuts New Still and Release Date
If you werenít paying much attention, you might think Kevin Smithís life and career revolve solely around Star Wars set visits and rumors about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But no, he actually has a movie to promote, people! Thus, A24 Films has released the first official still for the surreal horror Tusk, along with a release date of September 19. We only have to wait two more months to see Justin Long in what will presumably be the most uncomfortable and whisker-filled experience of his career!

The image shows Long sitting and talking to Michael Parks (Red State), which makes sense, as Tusk centers on Longís podcaster character heading out to visit Parkís Howard Howe, who has a particular fondness for walruses. When Long doesnít return, his best friend Teddy (Haley Joel Osment) and girlfriend Allison (Genesis Rodriguez) team up to go looking for him. Considering itís the first of several horror projects Smith has lined up, Tusk will hopefully prove that this comedic powerhouse has what it takes to instill a mammalistic fear within us.
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