The Fear Monger: The Stand, The Maniac Cop Remake And Krampus Sign Big Names

By Nick Venable 2 years agodiscussion comments
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maniac cop
Maniac Cop Remake Finds Writer in Captain America: Winter Solderís Ed Brubaker
A movie notable for its insanely enjoyable ludicrousness should by definition be impossible to remake, but Maniac Cop is apparently getting an update from production/distribution company Wild Bunch, who will shop the project around Cannes later this month. The last weíd heard about the project was back in 2012 when Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn signed on to produce what was then called a prequel. And while the reboot route is unfortunate, there is a huge silver lining in that comics mastermind and Captain America: The Winter Soldier story creator Ed Brubaker is taking on scripting duties for the flick.

Superhero fans cheer on Brubaker for his consistently amazing and award-winning work on Captain America and Daredevil comics among others. But Iím personally a bigger fan of his crime series, like Criminal, Scene of the Crime and Gotham Central - the best non-Dark Knight Batman fiction Iíll ever know. Itís so strange that heíll be the guy reforming William Lustigís 1980 film about a maliciously shadowy cop who keeps murdering people, and the unlucky officer who gets blamed for the crimes. The director will be announced at Cannes, where weíll hopefully also hear that Bruce Campbell will be coming back. Check out the murderously campy trailer below and read a Brubaker comic before you go to bed tonight.

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