The Fear Monger: Vampire Leprechauns And Competing Serial Killers

By Nick Venable 2014-02-02 10:10:22discussion comments
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anson mount Gillian Jacobs
Anson Mount and Gillian Jacobs Join Kevin Greutertís Visions
Kevin Greutert, the director of the (for now) last two films in the Saw franchise, moved away from killer thrillers for his upcoming supernatural film Jessabelle, and heís building the cast for his next project, the potentially supernatural Visions. Hell on Wheelsí Anson Mount and Communityís Gillian Jacobs will join the previously cast Isla Fisher and Jim Parsons. It comes from the house of producer Jason Blum, so itís probably going to be a success.

Deadline reports Fisher will star as a pregnant mother who moves to the countryside with her husband (Mount), and soon begins experiencing frightening visions of a hooded man stalking them. And possibly cravings for peanut butter filled green peppers. Jacobs will star as one of Fisherís close friends. This is a pretty dependable cast, so thereís no reason to think the story wonít be just as good. Or at least watchable.
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