The Fear Monger: This Week In Horror Nails Down Big Bad Wolves And The Goriest Trailer Of The Year

By Nick Venable 2013-12-13 22:15:26discussion comments
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I, Frankenstein Releases The First of Three Motion Comics
While itís undoubtedly a lot more fun to sit down and read an actual comic book, I dare say this short motion comic animation was more suitable for an I Frankenstein prequel story, because it offers those who arenít interested only a quick escape. Iím not so sure about this movie, as it looks like a lot of CGI fluff thatís just calling itself a Frankenstein story as a shortcut into gaining an audience.

But everybody needs a little CGI fluff every now and again, and the movie certainly looks expansive. The comic goes into the background of Adam (Aaron Eckhart), but itís mostly just Frankensteinís narrative followed by supernatural stuff. Itís really short enough as saying anything about it would be describing the whole thing. But it looks cool, and the simple animations are fluid. As an advertisement, itís cool, but itís not gonna get me into the theater on January 24, 2014. But Iíll be anxious to hear how it is. Trailer time!

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