The Fear Monger: This Week In Horror News Brings Us More Chucky, Nazi Zombies And More

By Nick Venable 2013-12-06 04:47:26discussion comments
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Nazi Zombies Return In Stills From Dead Snow: Red Vs Dead
Youíve seen Martin Starr play Dungeons & Dragons in Freaks and Geeks, get stoned in Knocked Up, and wax science fiction and catering in Party Down. You can soon see him facing Nazi zombies in Tommy Wirkolaís Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead, the sequel to his surprise 2009 hit, which wasnít revolutionary but mixed a decent amount of humor in with the awesome effects work. I can only imagine things will get even bloodier and Nazi-er, although these images, via BloodyDisgusting, donít really do my prediction justice.

dead snow 2

Well, I guess a guy with blood on his face and another guy with an axe sticking out of his eye do count as "bloodier." The film follows the one survivor from the original film who teams up with a group of American zombie killers to try and take down the German undead. It will premiere at next yearís Sundance Film Festival, where the snowy setting should feel right at home for some of these characters. Assuming that there is actually snow in this movie.

dead snow 2
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