The Fear Monger: WolfCop Attacks, Amityville Finds A Director, And The Signal Will Hypnotize You

By Nick Venable 2 years agodiscussion comments
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wolfcop poster
WolfCop Blasts Faces Off with Amazing New One Sheet
Fuck yeah, WolfCop! Canadian filmmaker Lowell Dean is bringing his second feature WolfCop to theaters on June 6, even though it probably won't be very widespread. No matter, though, as Iím dead certain WolfCop will be equally successful on any screen it is seen on. In short, itís about an alcoholic cop (Leo Fafard) who gets cursed and tortured, and then turns into a werewolf. WITH A GUN! If you need more plot than that from a movie called WolfCop, youíre trying too hard in life. The poster above, from the ridiculously talented artist Tom "The Dude" Hodge (via AICN), should cover walls everywhere, and the concept trailer seen below should play on bar TVs across the nation.

This is one of those projects that began life as the simple concept, which was used to build fan fervor before the feature was even truly conceived. And when you have a concept as solid as this, with the added draw of using mostly practical effects, you have a cult film just waiting to be consumed by the public. Listen to Dean explain the process in more detail below, and get ready for the most WolfCop-iest summer of your life.

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