Final Apollo 18 Trailer Gives Us The Most Plot We've Seen Yet

By Will LeBlanc 2011-08-30 12:04:13discussion comments
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Final Apollo 18 Trailer Gives Us The Most Plot We've Seen Yet image
By now we know that Apollo 18 follows two astronauts on a secret mission to the moon. But of course, whoever sent them there left out the scary stuff, like they knew that Russia had inexplicably lost a cosmonaut up there, and that something was up there with them.

This new trailer shows off without a doubt that something infects and/or possesses one of the astronauts who seems to go all kinds of crazy once the infection starts to set in. Check it out below.

This is the first time we really get to see just how bad the infection gets, and itís gets pretty damn bad. The infected astronaut frequently lashes out, at both the lunar module theyíre living in as well as his partner, and in such a small environment where claustrophobia will set in without the threat of being killed, this has to be one of the scariest settings ever.

A lot of people will describe this movie as Paranormal Activity in space, which is accurate, but it also reminds me a lot of the Spanish zombie film REC. The tight space, the slow spreading infection, itís all very similar. In this trailer, Apollo 18 claims to have a final ten minutes that will go down in movie history, while RECís final ten minutes are the scariest Iíve ever seen in a film.

Comparisons aside, Apollo 18 looks cool. It doesnít look wholly original and we probably wonít be surprised by any major plot developments, but if youíre looking to be scared out of your mind, it looks like itís going to get you there. Check it out this Friday.
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