First Facebook Themed Poster For The Social Network

By Josh Tyler 2010-06-19 00:11:12discussion comments
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First Facebook Themed Poster For The Social Network image
We have the first ever poster for The Social Network, and its weird. Since this is a movie about the founders of Facebook, youd think the poster design would be pretty simple. Make it look like a Facebook page. Instead theyve done something weird. And messy. And awkward.

They pay homage to Facebook with a weird browser bar on the far right side of the poster. I have no idea why its on the side of the poster, Ive never seen a browser set up like that. If theyd simply put it at the top of the poster, not only would it be easier to read, it would actually look more like a web browser, which Id think is what theyre going for, otherwise have the scroll bars at the bottom of the poster? Mostly it's about Jesse Eisenberg's face with words written over it. I'm pretty sure I've never seen that on Facebook. Probably because it makes it hard to read.

This feels like a missed opportunity. Here it is, the first poster for The Social Network. Click it for a high-res version.

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