First Footage From The Last Airbender

By Josh Tyler 2009-06-21 21:13:17discussion comments
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First Footage From The Last Airbender image
Iíll say this for M. Night, up until he became obsessed with killer herb gardens, his movies at least looked good. The Village may have been a huge piece of crap, but the colorful robes and pastoral setting looked great up on screen. He even made Lady in Waterís low-rent apartment look interesting.

So itís no surprise that The Last Airbender, visually at least, is shaping up to look pretty good. Entertainment Tonight aired a few seconds from the film, teasing a longer cut theyíll show on Monday. It features a bald boy doing martial arts in the middle of a bunch of candles. Good stuff. Wade through some additional footage from the film Beastly to watch it in the embedded video below, and check back here Monday night for the extended version once they debut it.

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