First Images From The Time Traveler's Wife

By Katey Rich 2008-01-01 19:10:47discussion comments
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First Images From The Time Traveler's Wife image
The book and upcoming movie The Time Travelerís Wife has an amazing concept. A man (Eric Bana) has a genetic disorder in which in times of stress, where most of us would get headaches, he travels through time. He falls in love with a young girl (Rachel McAdams) and later marries her, but both must deal with his constant time-traveling and the impact it has on both their lives. Maybe Iíve seen Back to the Future one too many times, but that sounds totally fascinating.

The movie version will be released some time in the next year, and the first stills from the movie are available at Just Jared. Aside from reminding us how hot Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams are, they arenít exactly revelatory. I mean, this is a love story, which means weíll see a lot of shots to our main characters hugging. Maybe if youíre a huge fan of the book these scenes have great significance, but mostly all I can tell is that this is a romantic drama, and man, Eric Bana has some great puppydog eyes.

Check out the small versions of the photos below, or go to Just Jared for high quality versions.
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