First Look At Captain America's Shield And Thor's Hammer In Iron Man 2

By Josh Tyler 2010-05-04 16:07:31discussion comments
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By now youíve probably heard that Iron Man 2 contains cameos, of a sort, from Captain America and Thor. Though those soon to be filmed Marvel heroes donít actually show up in the movie themselves, their weapons do. Thorís hammer is supposed to be in an Easter egg which shows up during the credits. And then youíll see Captain Americaís shield, laying around in Starkís laboratory (as it was very briefly in the previous film).

Obviously the details of these scenes are pretty MAJOR SPOILERS so if you donít want to know more, click away now, because weíre about to show you pictures.

Seriously, the pictures are coming right after this. Click away now.

Flicksided has screencaps of those heroic weapons as seen in Iron Man 2 available. Iíve included a couple of sample images below. Head over there if you want more or, better yet, just buy a ticket on Thursday and see them in context for yourself.

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