First Look At Flynn's Arcade In Tron: Legacy

By Josh Tyler 2010-03-01 14:50:51discussion comments
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The countdown to the first ever, official trailer for Tron: Legacy (that other one was only test footage) has begun. It debuts this Friday in front of Alice in Wonderland and to celebrate Disney is releasing one new image from the movie every day until the trailer, and hereís your first one. Itís our first ever look at the exterior of Flynnís Arcade, as it will appear in the new movie.

In the photo below, if you click it to check out the high-res version, youíll see a figure on a motorcycle riding down the street towards the Flynnís building. Thatís Sam Flynn. The tagline on the image explains everything. Here it is:
Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) arrives at a familiar street corner, his father Kevinís (Jeff Bridges) abandoned arcade, Flynnís

Note the sign on top of the Flynn's building. Home of Space Paranoids! Too cool.
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