First Look At Megatron In Transformers 2

By Josh Tyler 2008-09-21 23:52:16discussion comments
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For anyone who thought Megatron was dead at the end of Transformers, here’s photographic evidence to the contrary. The guys over at LR claim to have a first look at Megatron’s new look for Transformers 2.

If their pics are the real deal, it looks like they’re sticking with the alien vehicle motif for Megatron, even after his sequel resurrection. This time though, instead of a jet, he appears to be more of a giant, hulking, alien tank.

The pics appear to be legitimate, one of them even says “Megatron” in the corner. They’re probably pictures of the toy, or maybe reference pictures being used to make the toy. I’ve posted a couple of them below, for more, click over to LR.

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