First Look At The New A-Team, Now With Less Bling

By Josh Tyler 2009-10-01 13:47:24discussion comments
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First Look At The New A-Team, Now With Less Bling image
We have our first ever look at the brand new A-Team and, unfortunately, B.A. does not have a Mohawk. Instead he has a hat, under which heís bald. But he still has the beard and I suppose Mohawks are kind of 80s anyway. But Iím also disturbed by the distinctive lack of gold chains. The guy doesnít seem to be wearing any jewelry at all. Heís just a muscled up black dude with a beard.

Well I guess Mr. T just doesnít strike twice. The rest of the team however, looks solid. Liam Neeson sports is best, silver fox, Hannibal Smith haircut. Bradley Cooper looks suave as Face. Sharlto Copley is carrying Murdockís obligatory baseball cap and though in the photo below he looks mostly confused, we assume that at some point he will go properly Holwin Mad.

The photo comes from a video taken by Splash News. Click over there to see the new A-Team in action! Meanwhile, hereís the first photo:

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