First Red State Teaser Trailer Takes Fundamentalism To The Extreme

By Josh Tyler 2010-12-23 12:32:32discussion comments
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First Red State Teaser Trailer Takes Fundamentalism To The Extreme image
The first trailer for Kevin Smithís Red State and it looks nothing like a Kevin Smith movie. Thatís not necessarily a bad thing, much as I love his movies, in recent years heís shown a keen interest in experimentation. Odds are Red State will be just about as experimental and different as Kevin Smith could ever possibly get.

The film is a horror movie, sort of, in which a group of misfits encounter fundamentalist extremists in middle America. Enough from me, letís let the trailer speak for itself before we talk any more. Here it is, the first teaser trailer for Red State, courtesy of

Obviously this is just a teaser, so itís hard to really get a feel for the particulars of the film. But Smith is definitely setting a tone here, with the eerie Michael Parks singing layered over a stream of violent images flashing past. If someone had told me this was a teaser trailer for the next season of Dexter instead of Red State, aside from the noticeable absence of Michael C. Hall in any of the images, it would be easy to believe it.
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