First Teaser For Toy Story 3

By Tim Gomez 2009-05-29 09:52:04discussion comments
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First Teaser For Toy Story 3 image
Thereís been a low quality videotaped copy of this going around the last day or so, but that will no longer be necessary. No, Iím not talking about the latest naughty video from an heiress; Iím talking about the very first teaser for Toy Story 3. With Up out today, it was inevitable that Pixar would begin pushing their next movie immediately.

Suffice to say, itís great to see these characters again, and although I was skeptical at first, Iíve now come to realize that if Pixar believes there reason enough for a Toy Story 3, then thereís probably reason enough for a Toy Story 3. Check out the short teaser below, or watch it in high-res at here.

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