First Three Minutes Of Francis Ford Coppola's Latest

By Katey Rich 2009-05-05 10:22:36discussion comments
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First Three Minutes Of Francis Ford Coppola's Latest image
Sometimes a studio can release several minutes of a film before it comes out and get the fans all worked up, as Pixar has been doing for Up and as Warner Bros. did for Watchmen a few months back. But Tetro, the latest film from Francis Ford Coppola, just doesn't seem like the kind of movie where people will rabidly be awaiting a glimpse of the characters or the theme music. Given that his last film, Youth Without Youth, tanked so badly, you'd think the studio would want critic's approval before putting the thing out there at all.

But somehow, for some reason, American Zoetrope has provided with the first three minutes of Tetro, a black-and-white film about an Argentine-Italian family. The first three minutes are mostly taken up by credits, and while I like the moodiness and the striking black and white cinematography, I really feel no sense of excitement about the movie. You can check out the clip below, or head to Apple for high-res versions, and tell me what I'm missing here.

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