First Trailer For Hop Promises Candy, Chicks, And Rock

By Josh Tyler 2010-11-23 17:48:10discussion comments
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First Trailer For Hop Promises Candy, Chicks, And Rock image
Letís get this out of the way right now. As far as I know, Hop is not an animated movie. At least itís not supposed to be an animated movie. You wonít see anything that isnít animated in the movieís first teaser trailer, but this is actually another one of those live-action movies that mixes in CGI animals.

Hop stars James Marsden as an out of work slacker who accidentally injures the Easter Bunny and is forced to take him in while he heals up. Since the Easter Bunny is voiced by Russell Brand, I guess he likes to rock. Or at least thatís what the movieís teaser trailer is telling me.

Watch the first trailer for Hop below:

Hop is directed by Tim Hill who has made a career out of doing nothing but fairly lame, live action movies in which humans encounter CGI animals. He directed both Garfield 2 and Alvin in the Chipmunks. Back before he discovered CGI, Hill was responsible for the worst ever Muppet movie too, the one that basically killed the Muppet franchise, Muppets from Space. What Iím getting at here is that his movies are, broadly speaking, terrible. The bunnyís cute but Iím not holding out much hope here.

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